Logan Grimnar

Logan Grimnar

Logan Grimnar, The Old Wolf, Fangfather, and High King of Fenris, has been the Great Wolf of the Space Wolves chapter for almost 700 years and is one of the oldest Chapter Masters in the Imperium. Logan, like his fellow Space Wolves, is a fearsome warrior with great martial pride. He has led his Great Company against many enemies of the Imperium and has shown a renowned thirst for battle, which some say, even rivals that of their legendary Primarch, Leman Russ. He doesn’t tolerate any outside interference when running the Chapter, to the point where the Space Wolves have had numerous clashes with the Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy and this has lead to the accusations of heresy and treason.


A warrior from birth, Logan fought his way through the ranks of the Space Wolves under the watchful eye of Ulrik the Slayer. Logan’s leadership of the Space Wolves has endured for five hundred years.

Early Life

Born on Fenris, when Grimnar was young he was part of the Iron Blood tribe. In 313.M41 while battling the enemy Sea Devil and Ice Fang tribes on the Boiling Ocean of Fenris, Logan and his crew were ambushed at the ruins of a temple of Morkai. Soon only Logan was left among his comrades, facing enemy tribesmen with a bloody axe. High above, the battle was being observed by a Space Wolves Wolf Priest. As Logan made his final stand, he was saved by Terminators who then spirited him to The Fang.

Space Wolf

At the Fang, a warrior named Ulrik would remain close to Logan and observe his growth and constantly test him. The first hints of this greatness came during the Trial of Morkai, when Logan slew the ice troll Frostblood, a dread beast that had killed dozens of the Chapter’s recruits. In a cave filled with the remains of Fenrisian warriors, Logan jammed a broken bone into Frostblood’s eye, howling his rage into the beast’s face even as its fangs savaged his arm.
The Canis Helix bonded with Logan as though he had been born to become a Space Marine, and in time the young warrior was inducted into Asvald Stormwrack’s Great Company as a Blood Claw. Logan proved his skill and valour repeatedly in wars across the Sea of Stars, taking to the life of a Sky Warrior as easily as if he had been sailing the seas of Fenris. However, what made the future Wolf Lord stand out from his brothers was not just his bravery or his cunning, but the boundless charisma he wielded like a weapon. His easy grin and ready jests earned him the trust of everyone he met, even the old and cynical Long Fangs of the company, who grudgingly admitted they had warmed to the whelp.
After over a century of war and unparalleled heroism, Logan Grimnar had risen to earn a place among Asvald’s Wolf Guard, often keeping the counsel of the Wolf Lord and always close to his side. As always, the Wolf Priests kept close watch on Grimnar, and Ulrik taught the young warrior all there was to know about the traditions and history of the Chapter. In 415.M41 when Asvald finally fell in battle against Orks for the Cyclopean Rift, Logan Grimnar was elected Wolf Lord in his place by unanimous assent of his fellow Wolf Guard. Favored by the Chapter, he soon ascended to Great Wolf in 440.M41 after the incumbent Sigvald Grimhammer was murdered by a Dark Eldar Succubus.


Logan wears an ornate suit of Terminator Armour with an integrated Storm Bolter known as the Armour of Asvald Stormwrack and carries the powerful axe Morkai into battle. The axe is from a Chaos Championof Khorne Logan defeated in battle on Armageddon. He also rides the war chariot Stormrider drawn by his two Thunderwolves, Tyrnak and Fenrir.[Needs Citation]

Logan Grimnar

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