Iron Hands


Iron Hands

“Only when by the power of our hate we have truly shed the prison of our flesh, shall we be judged worthy to stand at the side of the returned Primarch. Every foe I slay, every stone I cast down, makes my hatred purer, and the day Ferrus Manus is restored to us a day closer.”

–Iron Father Klaanu Johar


Iron Hands characters combine the cold fury of their hatred for the enemy with a disdain for the weaknesses of the flesh.
An Iron Hands Space Marine gains the following benefits: +5 Ballistic Skill, +5 Toughness, the Steel Over Flesh Solo Mode Ability (see page 11), and an Exceptional craftsmanship bionic hand (see page 13).

Iron and Hate

Iron and Hate is a Demeanour (see page 32 of the deathwatch Rulebook) unique to Space Marines from the Iron Hands Chapter.
The Battle-Brothers of the Iron Hands appear to many as something of a contradiction, one which grows more extreme as more of their flesh is shorn from their bodies and replaced with cold steel. Those Iron Hands that have undergone many augmetics treatments appear coldly inanimate in their expressions, their voices replaced by monotone vox-casters and their bionic eyes unblinking. Yet, in truth, they see the inside with an anger that grows stronger with age and experience, becoming ever purer as more and more flesh is replaced.
Iron Hands brethren abhor any trace of weakness, even more so than other Chapters. They are extremely puritanical in their drive to identify and purge weakness, and they are damning when they perceive it in others around them. They are quick to anger, even if their anger is sometimes expressed in coldly flat, mechanical tones. They are blunt and uncaring of any offence they might give in their criticisms of others, even the staunchest of allies. When confronted with allies who themselves are quick to anger, it is not unheard of for bitter arguments to erupt, and even for blows to be struck.
In battle, the Iron Hands are coldly resolute, seemingly unmoved by their own losses. They utilise their anger and their hatred of weakness, identifying their enemy’s vulnerabilities and exploiting them ruthlessly. While the Iron Hands seek ultimately to purge and militate against what they perceive as their own weakness, they also seek out the weakness in their foes in order to punish it without mercy.
Many Iron Hands Battle-Brothers scourge their flesh, inflicting pain and scarring on themselves as a constant reminder of the weakness of the biological. As more of their bodies are augmented, the areas of available flesh are reduced, until those few that are still visible are a mass of scar tissue. Only when even these last few shreds of the Space Marine’s biological inheritance is gone is he truly free of physical pain, for their implants may be sensate, but they can never know hurt.

Iron Hands Primarch’s Curse: Steel over Flesh

It is said that the bitter rage of the Iron Hands was born in the fires of betrayal upon Istvaan V. The most horrific loss in that battle was the loss of Ferrus Manus, the Iron Hands Primarch. He disappeared during the massacre, and his body was never found or recovered. Rather than fall into despair, the Iron Hands took refuge in their hate, and they have used that hatred to eliminate any perceived weakness so that they may remain strong. By removing the dangerous failings of the flesh, the Iron Hands believe that they are eradicating any threats to the eventual dominance of Humanity over the galaxy.
Level 1 (A Disdain for Flesh): The Battle-Brother perceives his own flesh as a hindrance. Scarring or punishing the biological portions of his body is the only way to sooth his anger. The Battle-Brother suffers a –20 penalty to all Interaction Skill Tests (this penalty does not apply when dealing with the Adeptus Mechanicus or other Iron Hands). This penalty is reduced to –10 if the BattleBrother has three or more cybernetic implants, and the penalty is removed completely if the Battle-Brother has five or more cybernetic implants (The Flesh Is Weak Talent counts its level towards these requirements).
Level 2 (Cold Fury): The ruthlessness of the Iron Hands manifests more strongly in the Battle-Brother, making him prone to aggression.
The Battle-Brother must take a Challenging (+ 0) Willpower Test when confronted by an enemy or by something he considers “weak;” failure means that the Battle-Brother’s fury is released in some way, most likely causing a feud, confrontation, or (if he fails by three degrees or more) escalating into open violence.
Level 3 (Zero Tolerance): All Iron Hands abhor weakness, but the Battle-Brother has taken this attitude to an extreme. The Battle-Brother will seek to remove any perceived source of weakness, to the point of refusing to fight alongside allied forces such as the Imperial Guard— in extreme cases, even entering into open conflict with an allied force. In addition, if any member of the Kill-team fails a Challenging (+ 0) or easier Skill or Characteristic Test, the Iron Hands Battle-Brother may not benefit from any Squad Mode abilities from the rest of the Kill-team until the end of the mission. If the Iron Hands Battle-Brother is the Leader, the Kill-team reduces its Cohesion by 1d5.

Iron Hands solo mode abIlIty: Suffer No Weakness

Type: Passive
Required Rank: 1
Effects: Space Marines of the Iron Hands Chapter find strength in bolstering their bodies with augmetics and bionics.
Harnessing cold fury and hatred into their assaults, the Iron Hands are powerful warriors. Once per combat, the BattleBrother may select a single enemy. For the duration of the combat, the Battle-Brother gains the Hatred Talent against his chosen foe and gains a bonus to Damage equal to one-half (rounding up) of his unmodified Intelligence Bonus.
Improvements: At Rank 3, the Battle-Brother gains the Sturdy Trait; the Battle-Brother must possess at least 4 cybernetics. At Rank 5, all Interaction Skill Tests used against
the Battle-Brother suffer a –30 penalty; the Battle-Brother must possess at least 5 cybernetics. At Rank 7, the BattleBrother gains the Undying Trait; the Battle-Brother must
possess at least 6 cybernetics.
Note: For this Solo Mode Ability, The Flesh Is Weak Talent counts its level as an equal number of cybernetics. Thus, a Space Marine with The Flesh Is Weak 3 and 2 cybernetics would count as having 5 cybernetics for the purposes of this

Iron Hands attack Pattern: Ruthless advance

Action: Half Action
Cost: 2
Sustained: No
Effects: The Iron Hands are renowned for their implacable methods of war, able to capture and hold ground in the face of superior numbers or inhospitable terrain. The Battle-Brother and those within Support Range may spend their Reactions to make a Full Move. This movement must be made towards the nearest enemy. The Space Marines using this ability are immune to pinning until the beginning of their next Turn.
Improvement: If the Battle-Brother is Rank 4 or more, activating this ability becomes a Free Action.

Iron Hands defensIve stance: Strength of Iron

Action: Half Action
Cost: 2
Sustained: No
Effects: The cold fury of the Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter makes them exceptionally good at holding ground, particularly in the face of enemy fire. The Battle-Brother and those in Support Range of him gain a +10 bonus to resist Fear and Cohesion Damage and add +2 to their Toughness Bonus when reducing Damage from ranged attacks.
Improvement: If the Battle-Brother is rank 4 or more, the bonus to resist Fear and Cohesion Damage increases to +20, and the additional Toughness Bonus increases to +4.

Iron Hands Chapter Trappings

Iron Hands do not normally begin the game with a Chapter Trapping. Instead, Iron Hands Space Marines replace their left hand with an Exceptional craftsmanship bionic hand.
Iron Hands Space Marines count as possessing Mechanicus Implants for the purposes of satisfying the prerequisites of a Talent (but not for wargear or any other purpose).

BionIc Hand

The Bionic Hand follows the rules for cybernetics on pages 176–178 of the Deathwatch Rulebook. The hand is a frequent choice among Techmarines and other Space Marines who voluntarily give a part of themselves over to the Omnissiah. A Common craftsmanship bionic hand functions identically to the replaced appendage. Those of Exceptional craftsmanship provide the same + 10 bonus to fine manipulation tests as a bionic arm, but not the Strength bonus.

Iron Hands Psychic Powers

Deus Ex Ferrum

Cost: 1000 xp
Prerequisite: WP 40+
Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 1 metre radius x PR
Sustained: Yes
Description: The Iron Hands Librarian focuses his mind and links his iron will to the strength of his augmetics, bolstering himself and his allies. The Librarian and a number of BattleBrothers equal to his Psy Rating within a number of metres of the Librarian equal to his Psy Rating gain a +10 bonus to both Strength and Toughness. This bonus is increased by +5 for every cybernetic possessed by the affected Space Marine (The Flesh Is Weak Talent counts its level towards these requirements). If used at the Unfettered Level, this Power is a Half Action. If used at the Push Level, this Power is a Free Action.

Betrayal of Flesh

Cost: 500 xp
Action: Half
Opposed: No
Range:10 metres x PR
Sustained: No
Description: Harnessing his hatred for weakness, the Iron Hands Librarian sunders the flesh of his enemies with a blast of psychic power, reducing his enemies to dust. This power must be targeted at a single creature. However, it may affect others nearby, depending on its strength. The Librarian does not need to make a BS Test to hit the target. However, his Focus Power Test is modified as if he was making a ranged attack (using bonuses and penalties for range, lighting, and so forth). This power deals 1d10 Energy Damage x PR with a Penetration equal to PR and the Felling (1) Quality to the targeted creature, as well as any creatures within 1 metre x PR. If used against a Horde at the Push Level, this power inflicts a number of hits equal to the Librarian’s Psy Rating +1d10 instead of its normal effects. This power has no effect against a target with the Daemonic or Machine Traits.

Punish the Weak

Cost: 1000 xp
Prerequisite: WP 40+
Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 1 metre radius x PR
Sustained: Yes
Description: After fighting alongside his Iron Hands BattleBrothers for countless battles, the Librarian has learned how to spare their mechanical bodies while assailing his enemies.
He summons forth a roiling tornado of force around himself, harshly tearing at the flesh of anyone not strong enough to stand against its assault. This power affects all creatures within 1 metre x PR of the Librarian, tearing at their weak flesh. The effected area blocks normal vision (Traits such as Dark Sight, Sonar Sense, or Unnatural Senses are needed to see clearly). Creatures within the area must succeed at a Hard (–20) Toughness Test or suffer 1d5 x PR Energy Damage, ignoring Armour and Toughness Bonus.

Iron Hand Advances

Advance Cost Type Prerequisite
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) 300 Skill
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) + 10 400 Skill Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanucus) +20 500 Skill Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) +10
Tech-use 300 Skill
Tech-use +10 400 Skill Tech-use
Tech-use +20 500 Skill Tech-use +10
Hatred (any) 200 Talent
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 500 Talent Fel 30+ †
Good Reputation (Adeptus Mechanicus) 500 Talent Fel 50+ †, Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus
The Flesh is Weak 1 500 Talent Mechanicus Implants
The Flesh is Weak 2 500 Talent Mechanicus Implants, The Flesh is Weak 1
The Flesh is Weak 3 500 Talent Mechanicus Implants, The Flesh is Weak 2
† Iron Hands may substitute Intelligence for Fellowship to qualify for these prerequisites

Iron Hands

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