Watch Commander - Blood Angel


Watch Commander Mordigael is a quick and decisive commander of men with a natural charisma bound to a terrifying skill in battle. A Blood Angel by origin, Mordigael is a paragon of the qualities and traditions of his Chapter. His features are sharp and handsome, as if cut from a pale stone statue of and Imperial saint, while his eyes burn with almost feverish intensity. He delights in the perfection of all his undertakings, form practice in the martial disciplines to the contemplation on the future implications of all things of note that bears on his sacred duty.


For over five centuries, Mordigael has served his Emperor and his Chapter; on three occasions, he has taken up the the duty of serving in the Deathwatch. One of these past terms of service was in the Jericho Reach itself. Mordigael’s current watch has lasted over five decades, and has seen him achieve the honour of being named Master of the Vigil a little more than a decade ago.


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