Logan Stormsfury

Loud, Eager,Shamanistic Space wolf Rune Priest & Wolf Guard


Space Wolves Rune Priest

Logan Stormsfury(former deedname: Runefang)

Basic Information

Age: 62 ( 46 years of active service)
Height: 2,10 ( Armored 2,20)
Weight: 375 kg ( 560 kg armored)


Logan has Slightly elongated canines, shaggy long light gray hair with a few blond whisps in it, and his former ice blue eyes have turned into the yellow golden wolf eyes that shows the touch of the Canis helix growing.

He weares a broad belt with Fur and skulls, bronze runic rings in his hair and beard braids
– tattoos : wolf on back, valrune on chest , runes on lower armes – thunder bolts on upper arms , “the fang” up the necks right side

Unarmored Clothing:

Brown Viking breaches with laces at leg endings and at crotch, Gray Viking shirt with half length arms with v-cut opening with leader cord threw the rings – Black leather bracers with metal decorations, and fur under- a neclaces leather cord with a wolfs skull in front of a squarely shaped lightning bolt symbol in bronze – Big leather boots with his combat knife in – a broad dark leather belt with metal trimmings and a large wolfs head belt buckle – Chapter trapping “wolf fangs and runes in necklace”





His Mark 8 “Errant Armour” space marine armor is now painted black, with twin wolfs of gold on the chest instead of the Aquila – left Pauldren and arm: Silver with the Inquisitorial I – Right Pauldren: Space wolf yellow with dark classic wolf symbol in dark gray(specificly the bage of the Thunderwolf of his great company) , with golden lineing. Left knee pad is Black with a golden rune of the eye of aversion, ignifying his rank as Wolf Guard – right kneepad: The Wolfs skull and squared thunderbolt of the Rune priests order. The chapter trapping wolf tooth necklace with runes is shown proudly outside the armor. The armor have had runes edged into its lining where it have been reconstructed. Fur and bones, inc. teeth, are placed at various places around the armor. The Helmet have been replaced with a black Fenris- pattern wolf helmet, with glowing red eyes , its nose and vissage more like that of a werewolf, to make room for it behind the Mark 8 armors gorget.

The Armor carries several honors and trophys:
The chest has both The Imperialis, The Aquila (st. Drusus edition), a small Dark angle vengence honor and the Skull and Motto (Death to the Xeno), and three purity seals(one of death to the Xeno, one of protechtion against the Witch and one of vengence against the traitor)
The spacewolf pauldron sports the Imperial Laurel in gold, surrounding the edge of the pauldron.
A skull from a Tyranid warrior prime hangs from the belt,Diabolodon claws and fangs along with Crotalid fangs, adorn various armaments, and from time to time Logan weares a red scaly cloak made from the skin of a diabolodon beast, when not sporting a great fenrisian wolf cloak.


Weapons and Equipment:

The large single bladed Runic Axe (Force axe)(occacionary a version made of the rare hellfrost material is used) , also decorated with runes and wolfs, sits on his back when not in use, often accompanied by a fenrisian style storm shield, while the bolter pistol rests in its holster on the left leg, and the larger bolter rests at his right side in a harness. His combat knife remains in his boot. His belt holds 6 grenades(3 krak and 3 frag), a pair of magnoculars, a pair of eagle claws bound togeather and a rune inscribed bone rod, with the spacewolf icon at its top, and over the wolfs head crosses two thunderbolts.
He often weares war paint on his face when going to into battle



Background History and Personality traits:

Childhood on Fenris

Before Logan became Logan Runefang a space marine of the space wolf chapter and Rune priest of the Stormwolf Company, he was but a young man of Fenris, fighting to survive the wild and hard land of the floating isles.
Logans early childhood was one of constant struggle, living an almost constant nomadic life with his mother, father and elder sister. Logan and his sister was not his parents only children, but the only ones to survive to a grown age, for the beasts of the wild claimed many lives every year.
Logan had few possessions in his young years, and most joy of life was to help with carving the meat of the great elks when the hunters had hunted them, tasting the rich and bloody meat, and help decorate the mighty antlers of the beasts, as tribute to the hunters. Though hunters died on hunts often, and both the blistering sweltering summers claimed lives when the furious heat waves and flows of magma cut of those to slow of the nomadic caravans, just like the freezing blizzards of the winters left old men frozen where they sat in their chairs, life was it itself something always taken with a smile when the dangers was over, for it remained pure and strong, and this was as the old wise ones said, the most important of virtues, for as long as death was clean and in the service of the tribe, it was a good death.

The first kill ( age 8)

The natural dangers of Fenris however is not the only source of death for the lives of the tribesmen. A night in the deep winter when Logan´s tribe was deeply dug in for the long cold as they called it, the tribe was attack by raiders from a rival tribe. They came in the midst of the night with spears, knives and fire to set ablaze the huts and spill the blood of the sleeping people. As the first scream echoed into the night, Logan awoke and found his home empty, the small hut disserted. The young Logan looked out of the furs covering the hut and into the night, illuminated by the fire as it was, shadows was cast everywhere, displaying the scene in a grisly light and with shadows of the fighters stretched longer and distorted. Logan let out a cry of pain and anger as he saw his father struck down by an axe blow of an invading raider. As fury filled his small breast, he pulled down one of the razor sharp antlers from the wall of the hut and charged out into the night. There in the blood colored snow, with only the fire of the surrounding huts casting light, he saw his mother, as she was struggling against a much larger foe, the killer of her husband, in an attempt to defend her daughter. But the man was much too strong, and yet another well planted strike of the axe severed both the spear his mother was defending herself with as well as her head from her chest. Logan leapt with a roar onto the man’s back and planted the gleaming antler horn In the neck of the large man. The man threw off Logan before he fell on top of him, dead.
When Logan awoke, all was quiet and the flames had resided to embers slowly going out in the falling snow. He pushed off the large man, and pulled out the antler of the wound. He found his sister hiding in a half burned hut, and together they gathered what they could, and left the village as the only two survivors after burying their parents in the snow and saying their prayers over them. That night was the first night when Logan lost his innocence and the ability for sorrowful tears.

The Selection and hunt ( age 9) – The lightning and the wolf

Logan and his sister was taken in by another tribe, but was set to work hard for their share of the food.
It was during this time that the mighty warriors of Asaheim came to seek out new potentials for the honor of becoming a part of them. A pack of Spacewolfs came to the tribe and gave word of a hunt to be made, to aid them in hunting the great Mammoths. Only the tribes best men and young warriors was selected. Logan was still a year to young, and not a proven man of the tribe, and as such he was denied the right to join. Nonetheless, he snuck after them anyway, staying behind them and with the wind against him, his scent was blown away from the flock. As the hunter pack was lying in wait for the great Mammoth, a blizzard came upon them, and they had to seek shelter. Logan was alone and unprotected, he attempted to follow the hunters to the nearby mountain rocks, but was separated from the flock. Alone in a small cave with only a spear and his antler knife he felt fear creep up on him, and then he heard it, the howling of the mighty fenrisian wolf, and somehow he know it had caught his scent, a lone pray nearby…..
Logan leapt out of the cave, and ran for the way he believed was back to the village, and again he heard the wolf, howling at his heals, and soon he had to turn and face it. Monstrously large as it was, almost the size of his old hut, its eyes and teeth gleaming with hunger. As it leapt forward Logan screamed and thrust forth his spear. The spear snapped against the iron fur of the wolf, and sent Logan reeling backward and landing in the snow. The wolf was over him, ready for the kill, and in the final moment, a mix of full inner calm and utter fury came upon the young man, and as he thrust forth his hands toward the wolf, mighty lightning erupted from his hands and into the wolf. The wolf whimpered and was thrown backwards, its fur burning. Logan rose while the lightning was still streaming from his hands, and suddenly the sky was also split by a mighty bolt of lightning from the sky, striking the wolf as well, charring its flesh and bones into ash, leaving only its teeth and skull in the snow. As Logan looked from his hands to the remains of the wolf in shock, the saw several strange spirits of blue white light coming toward him from the distance, disappearing right before reaching him. He picked up the wolf teeth, and just as he did, the party of hunters came through the blizzard to where Logan was standing. The mighty space marines looked upon the young Logan holding the still smoking teeth, nascent lightning crackling from his hands, and with a smile on their lips, they took him with them to the fang, to begin he future as a potential space wolf.

Canis Helix, Transformation and basic training (age 10-16)

From the age of 10-16 Logan lived and grew in the training village camp of Russvic, where a Rune priest tested him and tought him the basics of self control and mastery of his spirtual connection. The years hardened him, until he at the age of 16 was put through the trials of Russvics preparing training to progress into the trails of the space wolfs. As such, his long stay in Russvic was uncommnly long, and he became an accostumed person there, seeing the aspirants come and go each 3 months.During the time Logan lived in Russvic, he grew fond of one of the human girls living there as the chosen servants of the Spacewolfs training village. He fealings was returned from the girl, and they were of the same age. One night however, some Wulfren had become brave or hungry enough, and snuck into the viillage and managed to kill the girl and the family before aspirants and the trainers of the Wolfs was present could drive them out and kill most of them. Logan saw the girls corpse half eaten as it was, and was struck by it and tought to himself better never to get fealings for a human or a girl like that again in the future, now that he was to become a space marine.

The test of the Canis Helix/Test of Morkai and transformation into a space Marine went as it does for most Space wolves, Logans will was a strong one, and his managed to overcome the trials of the test of the old Rune priests visions as well as the Canis gene better than most, and found his way back from the wilderness by the nature of the psyhic gifts, seeing the signs and omens before him as he fought with himself and the change in the snow. During his last time of training in the fang, he got to go and say his farewells to his sister in the tribe, happy with his new life and the new family he was joining. The sister got married to a warrior of the tribe and was honored for being sister to one of the new mighty warriors of Asaheim.

Training and scout service (age 16-26)

During the first 22 years of his life as a space wolf, many of them was spent on Fenris still, learning to hunt the krakens with the wolf scouts as a Neopyte, and using his Canis senses, as well as using many hours in the fang learning the ways of the Runes and the spirits under the tutorage of the senior Rune priests, Njal Stormcaller, The Lord of Runes, as chief among them. It was during this time he gained his call name" Runefang" for always using his old runecarved antler dagger to kill creatures with, and for carving runes into the bones of the fallen beasts as trophys.
Logan saw many missions of Fenris during these years as well, even in the early years of his carrer amongst the wolfs.
The last 8 years of his period as a young Blood claw, he was sent on various support missions with the Thunder wolf company, who he later joined as a Rune Priest.

The Long Vigil( Year 777. M41) ( Age 16)

In the last part of the first year as a Neopyte and trainee, he was part of the forces sent to to help as reinforcments when Gunnar Red Moon´s Great company, suffered grevious losses agasint the orks of WAAAGH! ’Eadbusta. Having here his first real combat encounter, against orks.

Early in Logan´s years he encountered the traitorous chaos spacemarines, and lost all members of his claw to the Captain of the Black legion: Esras the Loyal ( se more under Enemies further down)

The scouring of Gnosis Secundus ( Age 26)

In year 787.M41, after Logan had served and trained for a little over 10 years, he was a part of “The scouring of Gnosis Secundus”, to fend of the Eldar invasion of the planet, though the forces traveling there are blown off course by a warp storm, and arrive a standard year to late, revenge is taken agains the saim-Hann elder remaning in the system. The scouring was lead by Logan Grimnar, the Great wolf and High King of Fenris himself!
During this the final battle, Logan slev a Eldar warlock after the Xeno had just killed Logans Sergant with warp lightning , frying the Sergant alive in his armor and damaging the armor beyond basic repair in the process. The armor was later rebuild and restored by the chapters Iron priests, and given to Logan as his new armor after his Elevation, as an honor for killing for dead brothers slayer.

The Elevation and Service ( age 27-55)- Joining of The Thunderwolf company

The Wolf lord Bjorn Stormwolf of the Stormwolfs company, saw in Logan great potential, an elevated him to Gray hunter very early in Logans service, after his performance at the Scouring of Gnosis secundus. He became a proud member of the company, and serving as rune reader and skjald to the company along with its few other Rune priests.

During these years,many important battles, fights and campaines have happend for Logan in servicet to his great company

The Heresy and Executions on Besarife

Logan has from time to other performed the duty of executioner, as the Spacewolfs chapter from time to time, is called upon to hunt down, and rip apart does who deserve not only dead, but utter annihilation.
This happened at one point on Besarife, when the stormwolfs company was called to cleanse the exotic forest planet of heretical experiments conducted by the traitor legions of The thousand sons and the death guard, who had attempted to use the planet for an experiment in creating gen-seeds via the powers of Tzenche and Nurgle, using revived dead loyal space marines, as a form of small bio factories, forcing the bodys of these tortured souls, to constantly regenerate their gen-seed, threw the powers of Tzenche, and then implanting them into the local population.
Instead of an Exterminatus, which was not sanctioned, as Besarife has several exotic type of trees not found anywhere else in the Segmentum Tempestus, and needed in different productions by the empire. The Stormwolfs instead assaulted the planet and the traitor forces in their hidden base camps in the wild. The jungle was transformed in the area they had made their unholy camps, into rotting swamps with etheric energies perpetuating the air, and mutant spawns walking the waters. The wolf hounded the traitors, but must where gone by the time the wolfs found their pray.
The experiments however, remained. Thousands of innocent young men, women, and children had been kidnaped on the planets population, do be used as experimental test subjects for these “copied” Gen-seeds. Logan and the company had to end the existence of these poor souls. And as most had expended their ammo against the beasts and the few traitors present, to conserve the remaining ammunition, the Excruciations where done by axe. Logan had to sever the heads of several hundred loyal imperial people young and strong, willing warriors of the wild forests, loyal to the emperor, died, due to the heretical and accursed mutated gen-seed implanted in them. Many cried, but all died, mostly without struggle…this made it fare the hardest. And his fallen brothers, resurrected by the dark magic of the Deathguards sorcerers and changed by the sorcerers of the Thousand sons…but still themselves of mind…they asked for dead every one of them. These death was not pleasure for Logan, he hated every one of the killing strikes he had to land, and found his role heavy to carry, for every blow made it harder to go one to the next with the same conviction as before. The Project was sponsonred by Apothecary Fabius bile of the Emperors Children, he was however not presecent at the camp, but two of his Apothocarys was, who had evicende on them, proving Bile was behind the project.

In battle he has faced the Orks, Chaos space Marines and Eldar.

Seconding to the Deathwatch ( current year ( M41 – 817)) ( age: 56)

When the call came to the Space wolfs, of a calling of the Deathwatch, as always the wolfs of Fenris growled their displeasure of such demands upon them from the empire, Logan however, ever the spirited of mind and heart and fickle of nature, said he would answer the call willingly…..his brother did not understand….his deads would be secret….but Logan knew that all glory is seen by the allfather and the great Russ, and deads great enough would reach all the way back to the great halls of the Fang, and the opportunity’s of glory for a small kill team was indeed far greater that what one might face as but one amongst a thousand of a company on the battlefield.

On the way from Fenris to the Jerrico gate, Logan was for a short while the guest of the tricon palace in hive Sibellus at Scintilla, until the imperial forces, inc. some of the Adeptus Astartes, was to go threw the gate. During his few weeks here, he meet the newly-minted interrogator Delta sult.


The Cold or blazing world of Fenris, ever unforgiving in its harshness is the fire that hardens men into something fare more.

Selection for deathwatch:

The call came, it was a rare thing when a space wolf volunteers -Logan was however a very young Lone wolf, and a rebel as all wolfs, he rebelled agaisnt the wolfs “conservative” manner of denying the deathwatch selection – being a Rune priest, he is a little wierd as well, and saw the deathwatch as a place for glory and tales.

What does Deathwatch mean to you?:

Opportunity for glory and adventure, to face the other chapters, and prove the greatness of the Space wolfs might and pure nature.


Logan is as spacewolfs are most, loud and full of life. His manerisme can change like the weather, from clam and friendly, to angry, demanding an mercyless. Strange as psykers are from time to time, Logan has a fickle mind that wanders odd places and have thoughts that go counter to what most thinks. He is however a merry warrior at the best of times, with a heart full of hope and songs of victory, but when his anger is roused, the feral nature of his spirit shows that he is in fact without mercy and holds a fury as hot as the magma rivers of his home world. As quick to laughter as he is to anger.
He often challenges others on their actions, not because he has a negative bone to pick with them, but to test their resolve on their words or intended actions.Logan likes to help others confront what they dont, and to push them to become more than they are or think they can become. He is not persay a leader, but follows only leaders he respects or finds worthy. To befriend him is easy, to become his enemy is even easyer, to lie to him, betray him or spit on his honor is a a safe way for the wolf within him to come to the surface and for the offender to have an force axe bursting with lighting and power planted solidly in your skull.


To one day prove himself worthy of becoming a part of the Wolf guard or maybe even become wolf lord of one of the great companies.


To be forgotten and not have his deeds remembered by his brothers. To not die a glorious death.


Song, laughter, drinking, Storytelling, wild nature, animals, people with passion and the will do fight for justice and truth, righteous anger – he loves the revel of combat, but it is not the fight or bloodshed itself, but the opportunity to fight for the cause, to fight for those he loves and the way the world should be.


Those who make others lose their passion or will to fight for their lives or believes, hopelessness, injustice, cowardice, betrayal, people who hesitate, manipulating and deceptive people.


Psykers, witches, sorcerers and other “magic wielders”: All who wields magic are untrustworthy at beast, and evil inherent most often. As such, even allies psykers, and even librarians are viewed with distrust and as a ticking bomb and source of corruption. (Arcane magic wielders, as opposed to the rune priests “Devine magic” or “ not magic” abilities)

Inquisition: These people do whatever they feel is needed, without any notion of honor or respect for the people who is robed of their opportunity to live and die a worthy life for the emperor. They are not in a position to judge us, we are the executioners of the emperor! They often fight to cleanse evil, but not for the sake of the empires soul truly, seeing corruption even where there is non



His sister remains on Fenris, but is very old ( around 59) and close to the age where the old cannot survive the harsh nature or dangers of the wild much longer, even if they are protected females, have great skill or a valued tribal spiritualist.
He may have gotten nieces or nephews, but he remains unaware if this is the case.


In his company he holds several brothers he was close to

Rune priest Thoras Magnir
Logans first mentor, an elder wolf, who seems to hear the whispers of the ancestors and give council to the wolf lord accordingly, have shown Logan how a good Rune priest is a great advisor to a leader. Thoras is soft-spoken for a spacewolf, and of a more mysterious mind, often acting without explaining himself, following what the fates have in store for him or others…bringing strange quests and missions to other wolfs. Thoras is a Long fang and senior Rune priest. He remains stationed on Fenris

Iron priest Roar
The local techmarine in the Stormwolfs that Logan spoke most with, and got and understanding of the machine spirits threw, he had a very arcane and spirituallook on arms and armor, and was the one to reforge the armor Logan carry- they carved the runes into the armor together – Roar and Logan looks on the spirits of nature and the spirits of the machines in much the same way, and many times have had long speaks of the Leman Russ tanks of the Imperial guards, and the way the machine spirits of these tanks, hold a special place for them as space wolfs, and to honor them, is to honor the Primarch…as such, to seek out Leman Russ tanks, and hunt alongside them, or to find a lost Leman Russ tank, and bring it back to a tech priest for it to be restored, is to echo the spirit of the great hunt, the quest for finding Russ himself. Roar is a Gray hunter

Wolf priest Ulric Morkais-brood
Namebrother of the famous Ulric the slayer and an actual decendant of Erik Morkai, who served under Morkai himself for a time, have stood as the rite master of the stormwolfes for a long time, and keep close watch over the spiritual and physical health of all of the company, with focus on the Rune priests, for the danger they put themselves in . Ulric believes that ritual is everything, and that if the right rituals are made in the right way, this is the way to ensure success, or the correct way of things, this have influenced Logan as well. Logan looks a bit up to Ulric for his almost devote and unwavering way of being, always sure of himself in an almost fanatical clam way, always having the right words at every moment, and always able to point out the correct path for the company to walk. Ulric believes that Gen- seeds are the spiritual carriers of the ancestors, and that the Gen-seed attains more spiritual strength and absorbs larger parts of the brothers spirit, the longer time it is with the brothers flesh. Ulric have often spoken with the young wolves, and such with Logan as well, of how fate is nothing to be feared, for it has already been written, but non can read it truly, so life might as well be lead to the best and most glorious of ways, for what we do and where we end in life, is already written in the stars, how we honor those things that befalls us, and that we act in the face of our fate, with bravery and a will to never bend, even to fate, is the correct way to meet fate…as a worth opponent in ritual combat, it might defeat you, but not without having to best you while you fight back with all you have. Ulrik is a Long fang.

Wolf lord Bjorn Stormwolf
Is if any Logans Idol (beyond Russ himself of course), only Bjorn and naturally Logan Grimnar, the great wolf, is the only that actually make Logan feal Awe, and is someone he looks up to with the true reverence of a young warrior. And to have been in battle with Bjorn and the Great wolf is the greatest honor of his carrer as a Brother space marine. To be come a part of Bjorn´s wolfguard is Logans greatest ambition….for he does not belive he as a Rune priest could become a Wolf lord himself……though all wolfs hunger for being the greatest there is.

Sergeant Vale-howls-for battle
Is Logan´s Sergeant, a large, burly and roaring giant of a spacewolf, always shouting if not howling, always leading his people into the fray, and never wishing for any other rank than the one he has. Vale is a Gray hunter as well.

Captain Frege
Named after one of the two wolf of Fenris, Frege is the captain of the Stormwolfs Logan knows the best. Ever the tactician, and lest burly than most, he is ambitious, not when I comes to rank, but to success. A driven man, seeking to prove the greatness of his company, but also to ensure the common mission of all the great companies, to increase in numbers and to year for year, have more victories then the last. He rarely points out flaws, but commands his men to find the flaws themselves and remove them, wanting creative and forward thinking warriors instead of obedient but hollow minded soldiers. Frege dislikes for any spacewolfes to be commanded by any but themselves, and if not fond of the Deathwatch. Frege is part of the Wolf guard of Bjorn.


Captain of the black legion: Esras the loyal
This captain of the Black legion, holds true to the mission of the horos heresy, seeking to bring about a better empire for the world, fare more than he is loyal to chaos, seeking to slay the false Emperor, and free people of the rusted chains of the empire and bring about the future as Horus meant it to be. This Captain does in all honesty not want to kill the “loyalists”, seeking instead to convert them, but making them understand the needs to tear down the old and rotten, to create the empire as it was ment to be, with worthy active protectors, who do not sit in their basements and research science. But take an active roll to protect the people ,and guide the empire the have made, not abandon it to the control of lesser mind. The death of imperial citizens is in fact unfortunate, but as long as they stay in the way for the true cleansing of the galaxy, they are the enemy. Esras also firmly believes that the powers of Chaos and the warp, as the only powers hold the power to actually defeat the Tyranids ….and will have the same belief if the Necrons appear. Logan only met this captain once as a scout, and though many was killed, Logan was left alive by the captain, as he was wounded beyond the ability to fight or walk, as was not a threat anymore….the captain does not kill without reason, and left Logan laying in the mud, bleeding and broken, spitting curses after the captain, while the captain just held his speak to the young space wolf about his true intentions and that why the other chapters should join them in cleansing the empire and building a strong an worthy one….one day without even Chaos, one the Tyranids is defeated naturally.

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Logan Stormsfury

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