Kyanar Half-Hand

Captain of the Storm Wardens


“There is no honour in simple death alone. Only those that can sell their lives at the highest price in alien and heretic blood have earned the right to stand at the Emperor’s side; all others are but the bloody dust beneath my feet.”

— Brother-Captain Kynar Half-Hand

Captain Kynar Half-Hand of the Storm Wardens’ 7th Company
Kynar Half-Hand is the Captain of the Storm Wardens Space Marine Chapter’s 7th Company. Kynar arrived in the Jericho Reach with the vanguard of the Achilus Crusade as his Chapter’s contribution to that ongoing Imperial military campaign. Within the Jericho Reach there are few who have earned a reputation for grim determination and uncompromising violence like that of Captain Half-Hand.


Kyanar Half-Hand

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