Falco Sander

Young Commisar stationed on Pyroclast-Gamma-9


Sander is a young Imperial Guard Commissar on his first active duty deployment who has found himself the last surviving ranking officer in his detachment, and possibly even on Tantalus. Sander’s unit was trying to make it to the polar regions when his convoy was ambushed and laid waste by vanguards of the Tyranid swarm. He managed to lead a group to the hoped-for refuge of Pyroclast-Gamma-9 when their luck finally ran out and their land hauler crashed at the outskirts of the facility under Shrike attack. Taking refuge in the wreckage and nearby rocks, Sander has marshalled what remains of his men, most wounded and low on ammo, in a hopeless last stand to die for his Emperor.


Falco Sander

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