Delta Sult

Interrogator - Ordo Xenos


Arbitrator turned Ordo Xenos Interrogator

Age: 32
Height: 1,72 m
Weight: 65 kg
Very fit, but scrawny and a little frail-looking, fair skinned. Long hair, wavy and blonde. Purple-blue eyes w. long lashes and uncommonly large pupils. Heart-shaped face, bright eyes, naturally rosy cheeks and plump lips. A few scars on left side af face from cuts.
Has a serious look to her and a commanding presence. Seldom smiles, but keeps a stern facade. Wears no make up, keeps her hair-do practical and nails short. For people-persons she gives off the air that her looks are a definite draw-back in her line of work.

Wears judge armour emerald green with copper details. Sleek and streamlined design. Aquila on chest plate, on the left shoulder a skull w. laurels, the symbol of Drusus. On the right shoulder her rank insignia. On the right thigh plate the number 8 is scratched in. On the right shoulder and in belt, a purity seal.
Black leather belt w. copper buckle which holds a stummer, an auspex scanner,a multi tool and a pair of manacles. On her left wrist is an old Imperial Guard chrono, which she always wears. Over the shoulder hangs either a ryza pt. plasma gun or a ryza pt. storm bolter. She carries only one at a time, along with an Arbites ultima pt. power maul.

- Likes: Mystery novels, riddles, books, games, devout follower af Drusus, running, meditation

- Dislikes: Bright lights, Sisters of Battle, not being taken seriously as an inquisitorial agent on account of her looks, people who make light of their duty

When off-duty she wears loose-fitting clothes, often a green sweater which falls off one shoulder and black pants with low boots. Wears shades and leather jacket a lot of the time, always wears her chrono. Bit of a tom boy look.

At finer occasions she wears black tight-fitting pants, a loose, sleeveless, dark grey, silk top; shoes with a little heel and a gold aquila necklace w. ruby eyes.





Orphaned shortly after birth. Never knew what became of her parents. Raised on Iocanthos by the Sisters of the Order of the Ebon Chalice in the schola progenium the Abbey of the Dawn. Originally she was trained to be a Sister of Battle, but was disgarded on account of her lack of physical strength.

Began as an arbitor in Port Suffering under marshal Stavlar Daius, working her way to Scintilla, and from there to becoming a throne agent.

Promoted to interrogator very recently.

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Delta Sult

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