Armos Branthan

Staunch, ambitious and quiet techmarine


Iron Hands Techmarine

Armos Branthan

“Consider the principal lesson of Isstvan:
Only the spirit is pure.
The mind may be swayed, the body may fail.
Only the soul cradles vengeance purely.
Become the weapon of the soul.

Where the mind fails, overcome it.

Where the body fails, replace it.
Aspire to the condition of the Primarch
Emulate his union with steel.

Never waver.

Never retreat.
Never doubt.

The flesh is weak.

The weak shall be purged.
What remains is strength."
- Naim Morvox, sergeant of clave arx, clan Raukaan



A staunch, olive skinned man of average hight. Aged 167. Beardless and with pitch black, short hair.
Clear emerald eyes, that quietly observe his surroundings, and takes notice of every person in every room he enters. They always find respite on the weapons of every potential enemy.
Armos all ways stares into the eyes of whomever he speaks with.
He doesn’t greet people, and is particularly reclusive around people he doesn’t know.
His skin in covered in small, thin blue tattoos, running from below the neck and up to the temples. Around the mouth, visible markings of countless implants run beneath the skin.
Behind the right ear a small black box protrudes from the techmarines skull.
Both of his arms and legs have been replaced with masterly crafted, jet still visibly metallic cybernetics.

He is clad in an ancient mark 4 “Maximus” armour, that has been repaired over the ages, and now only the chest remain wholly original. The arms are mostly made up of pieces of a mark 7 “Aquilia” armour, the legs a mark 3 “Iron” armour, and the helmet originates form a mark 6 “Corvus” armour.
The armour is mostly black, if not for a rust-red knee that bears the Cog Mechanicum, the other black, wearing the silver hand of the Iron Hands, his right shoulder decorated with the cog of clan Raukaan, and of course the left arm, which has been coloured entirely silver after his enrollment in the Deathwatch.

When he’s not in his ancient powerarmour, Armos is clad in a black robe with a red hood.



Born 167 years ago to Clan Raukaan of Medusa.
Grew up in one of the nomadic tribes, where he learned to assist his grandfather with repairing the great buggies. Had to say goodbye to his father at the age of 11, when the father voluntarily wandered of into the wastelands, after sustaining a crippling wound in a fight with a rival tribe.

Recruited by the Iron Hands at the age of 14. At his 16th year accepted into the Gorgons Chapter, and preformed the necessary rites, by travelling to one of the lava lakes of Medusa, and plunging his left hand into the molten rock.

By his 17th year had showed enough aptitude with technology, to get noticed by Iron Father Paullian, who deemed him a worthy candidate for Mars. Spend a year in travel, before arriving in the Segmentum Solar, where he landed on the holiest of planets, great red Mars.
There he spent 50 years under the tutorage under the Arch-Artisan Eratimus, assisting in the construction of a Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord Battle Titan and a couple of Storm Eagles.
After his tutorage, he returned to Medusa to swear his oaths to the Frater Astrotechnicus of The Iron Hands,.

During his following 98 years of service he has been noted for great determination, cunning and mercilessness during the Siege of Hammerspire and the Purging of Contqual.


Armos Branthan

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